Anarchist blogt aus dem Libanon

Blogging the Middle East


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  1. hm naja anarchist oder nicht – trotzdem einseitig.
    schade eigentlich, dass die israelischen anarchitstinnen gegen den staat aufbegehren, in dem sie leben, libanesische „anarchists“ zu ihrem und der hezb-allah aber solidarisch sind.

  2. Anna-

    HezbAllah is not a state, Israel is. At any rate, I am a critic of the Lebanese state (or a rebel as you call the Israelis – where were the Israeli anarchists, by the way? I only saw a few who protested) and on many occasions HezbAllah too. At any rate, in a war between a state and non-state actor, I would pick the non-state actor any day. I don’t agree with HezbAllah’s ideologies, and I don’t show „solidarity“ because I agree with what they have done, or because I live in Lebanon. I show support because any hope of dismantling the state is exposing the extent of the terror it wreaks, both on the enemy and its own citizens…

  3. Southern Lebanon has been the Proto-State of the Hisb-Allah.

  4. fg:


    There is less ‚law and order‘ (even imposed by HezbAllah) in the south than you think it. HezbAllah is not centralized, though it has a leadership.

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